Incomprehensible Resilience

by Involuted

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Michelle Mousseau
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Michelle Mousseau You gotta listen to the whole album... The last song, Nefarious, is killllllller!!! Completes the whole story of revenge!!!! Favorite track: Nefarious.
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Concept EP by one-man-band Involuted, comprised of 4 chapters.
Without fitting any description or labels, this project was created with the sole purpose of exposing music that was for some time contained within a single being.


released June 22, 2016

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Lord Kharon
Lord Kharon - All instruments and vocals
Magda Codina - Cover
Christophe Szpajdel - Logo



all rights reserved


Involuted Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Unwariness
There she was
Sun bathing her pale and untouched skin
Surrounded by pure creatures

Energy boiling inside of her
Cosmic infiltration
She contemplates the stars
Wishing no one would ever disturb her

The state of balance was all around
Light and darkness
Constant flow of wind and water
Strong waves and thunder
Rotational synchronism

Black crows
Ill omen
Her peaceful state was about to end
Track Name: Dilapidation
Years passed by and her beauty shined across the universe
She didn´t know the meaning of pain
Until she feels the blows
Fierce blows
With no air to fill her lungs
All she can do is scream!
She screams!

Weeping like a baby
No helping hand
No one is her friend
Non-stop battering

Paralyzed, she can´t react
Attractive magnet
Easy prey for the outside
Burning hot inside

Oh Mighty blows!
Oh Mighty blows!

But she stands
Still young and full of life
The hits were merciless
She is distorted inwards
Track Name: Violated
Dressed in blue she was
Recovered from the wounds
Wandering in circles
Staring at the moon

The baby she once knew
Now turned into beast
With the strength of millions
The brain the size of a cyst

After years of sharing provisions
She accepted him
Like an old friend
She trusted him

And then the day came
With arms held tight
Her neck squeezed like a hose
He forced his way in

Feeling nothing but power
"The whore, she must be possessed!"

“This is not over!”
Track Name: Nefarious
Knocked down

But she has a plan - and time
A nefarious plan - beware!

"He is too dependent and weak
My revenge will come in a blink
Ha - He will pay. I will make him pay!"

Involving him in a black smoke
Heating him up like a toad in a furnace
Unable to breath
Like a terminal disease

And she gazes at the black sky that was once hers...